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Mt. Juliet, TN Golf Instruction

Golf Rx is a state-of-the-art indoor teaching facility providing a year round 72 degree environment. “I wanted to have an indoor center for a number of reasons” states Steve Kirkpatrick, owner and PGA Teaching Professional. “Students do not learn as well when they are cold, getting wet or in sweltering heat and humidity. It also provides a more private one-on-one learning environment free of the distractions of peers on the range.”

Golf Rx utilizes a Full Swing Golf Simulator and a V1 Digital Video Coaching System. “Today’s modern simulators enable the student and teacher to see ball flight which is imperative when teaching. Digital video is a great tool because it allows students to actually see what they are doing rather than guessing. Simply said it provides the best of both worlds. My students love it.”

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45 minute lesson with video                                           $75.00

Four lesson package                                                       $280.00

Eight lesson package                                                       $560.00

Twelve lesson package                                                   $820.00