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Welcome to GolfRx, where precision meets passion in the art of golf. Embrace the transformative power of custom golf club fitting, a service that not only enhances your performance but fundamentally changes your approach to the game.

The Philosophy Behind Custom Fitting

As Ryan Smith, a distinguished golf professional, eloquently states, “Selecting golf equipment should be as tailored as choosing a suit. It’s essential to ensure a perfect fit before making an investment. Golf demands precision, and our custom fitting services are designed to align your clubs with your unique swing dynamics.” This approach underscores the critical nature of our services, offering:

  • Personalized Precision: Ensuring each club is a natural extension of your swing.
  • Enhanced Performance: Optimizing control, launch angle, and distance through tailored equipment.
  • Informed Selection: Empowering your choice with comparisons across various equipment specifications.

Why Custom Fit?

Custom fit equipment invariably elevates a player’s game. Coupling properly fitted clubs with professional instruction and consistent practice forms the cornerstone of game improvement. The goal of our club fitting is dual-fold:

  • Professional Insight: Our experts utilize an array of head designs, shafts, lengths, and lie angles to enhance ball flight, control, and distance.
  • Tangible Comparison: Experience firsthand the marked difference custom-fitted equipment makes over off-the-rack clubs.

The Value of Customization

Interestingly, custom-fit clubs can be more cost-effective than standard sets, allowing players to invest only in what truly benefits their game. A typical fitting session lasts around 1 ½ hours, with the option to order clubs immediately.

  • Iron Fitting: $125
  • Fairway/Hybrid Fitting: $100
  • Driver Fitting: $75
  • Putter Fitting: $45

Should you choose to purchase your custom clubs at GolfRx, the fitting fee is credited towards your purchase. To schedule your club fitting, contact GolfRx at (615) 288-4539.

Join Us at GolfRx

Ready to unlock your potential with custom-fitted clubs? Our team at GolfRx, led by experts like Ryan Smith, is dedicated to refining your game with precision equipment tailored to your swing. Located in the heart of your community, we invite you to experience the difference of custom fitting and take a significant step towards game improvement.

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