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Transform Your Putting Game

Unlock the secret to a lower score with GolfRx, Nashville’s leading golf fitting center. Perfecting your putt begins with equipment that’s precisely tailored to your stance, grip, and stroke style. At GolfRx, we believe in the transformative power of a personalized putter, designed to improve your accuracy and boost your confidence on the greens.

The Philosophy Behind Our Fitting

Ryan Smith, renowned in the golf community for his expertise, shares a crucial insight: “Selecting golf equipment should be as customized as choosing a suit. You wouldn’t settle for an ill-fitting suit, so why compromise on a putter? Precision in golf starts with the right equipment, and at GolfRx, we ensure your putter is a perfect extension of your playing style.”

The Critical Role of Custom Fitting

Considering that putting accounts for 42 percent of the average golfer’s score, the impact of a custom-fitted putter on your game can be profound. The three most critical specifications in putter fitting—length, lie angle, and loft—are meticulously determined to enhance your performance.

  • Length: Tailored based on your height, wrist-to-floor measurement, and putting posture.
  • Lie Angle & Loft: Essential for influencing the roll and direction of the ball. An incorrect lie angle can veer the ball off the intended line, while the loft affects when the ball starts to roll, impacting distance and reaction to breaks.

Our Cutting-Edge Fitting Process

Our comprehensive fitting session includes:

  • Dynamic Stroke Analysis: Leveraging advanced technology, we analyze your putting stroke to determine the optimal specifications for your putter.
  • Personalized Selection: Experience a variety of putters to find your perfect match, with a focus on head design, shaft length, weight, and balance.
  • Custom Adjustments: Final adjustments ensure your chosen putter fits your exact specifications. Using our Mitchell Tour Gauge Putter Machine, we can fine-tune your current putter or build a new one to the correct specifications.

Investment in Precision

The investment in a custom putter fitting is $45.00, encompassing any necessary adjustments to loft and lie angles, ensuring your putter is perfectly attuned to your game.

Golf Rx Mitchell Tour Gauge Putter Machine
Golf Rx iPing App display
Golf Rx iPing App in action
Photos: The iPing app provides measurement information on a player’s stroke. This data is then used to calculate the correct length, lie and loft for adjustments using our Mitchell Tour Gauge Putter Machine.

Schedule Your Custom Fitting

Embark on the path to a more confident and accurate putting game by scheduling your custom fitting session with Ryan Smith at GolfRx. Located in the heart of your community, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your best performance on the green.

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